Tatiana Suarez

Communication Design Diploma

As a graphic and web designer, I have a strong passion for creating visually appealing and user-friendly experiences. My expertise lies in the areas of Illustration, Print, Branding, HTML/CSS, and UI/UX design.  Recently, I have added Figma to my skill set, which complements my existing knowledge of Adobe Software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and Xd. I have nurtured a strong desire to use my creativity and knowledge to contribute to the growth of companies and make a meaningful impact on the world. Without a doubt, there is nothing that brings me more happiness than designing.

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Capstone project

Huila Coffee Roasters

Tatiana Suarez project image

Huila Coffee Roasters is a Colombian coffee company that specializes in producing high-quality, sustainably sourced coffee, founded by a group of coffee growers from Huila’s region in Colombia. Through its packaging, aroma, and flavor, Huila aims to celebrate the unique beauty of each region of Colombia. Huila seeks to establish a connection between the consumer and each coffee grower, give exceptional customer service, and involve their audience in all of its projects.

This project intends to help Huila Coffee Roasters expand its market and connect with its online community through brand conceptualization, a logo suite, and a digital marketing campaign based on their new product “Santander”. This product is inspired by the beautiful mountains of the Chicamocha Canyon in the region of Santander.

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I initiated the creative process by designing a mood board that helped me to define the brand’s message. This mood board served as a source of inspiration, allowing me to establish a clear direction for the brand’s identity that resonates with Huila’s core principles, mission, and target audience. Each image on the moodboard attempted to capture the essence of Colombia, showing its unique beauty, culture and creating a visual representation that could symbolize the high-quality coffee that Huila Coffee Roasters produces.

Tatiana Suarez moodboard

Primary Logo

I envisioned the name ‘Huila’ as an ideal representation of the Andean region in Colombia where coffee is cultivated. This area has a rich history of producing coffee and is home to many talented farmers and families. Additionally, Huila boasts several tourist attractions, making it a beautiful and vibrant region to visit.

After careful consideration, I selected the Great Kiskadee bird as the focal point of the logo. This bird is known for its loud and bold presence while emanating a sense of peace, embodying the qualities that Colombians resonate with. The Great Kiskadee is also a common sight in Huila, Colombia, further reinforcing the brand’s connection to its roots.

Logo Variations

Initially, I had chosen the vertical logo as the main logo for Huila Coffee Roasters. However, after iterative revisions, a possible challenge that the logo could face in the future was that the level of detail in the vertical logo would not be optimal for all design purposes. These variations could be used in other design applications where the delicate details such as the beauty of each flower and coffee cherry can be better appreciated and add to the overall visual appeal of the brand. I made this strategic decision to ensure the brand’s visual identity remained consistent and flexible across a variety of design applications while highlighting the brand’s unique characteristics.

Tatiana Suarez logo badge
Badge Logo

Colour and Typography

I aimed to create a balance between muted and vibrant colors that would evoke the natural beauty of Colombia. To achieve this, I chose neutral colors like brown, and beige, which helped to create an eye-catching contrast with the accent colors. The accent colors I chose were muted green, yellow,  and red, these colors reflect the story behind the maturation process of the coffee beans and help to build a narrative around the product.

For the typography, I chose Belleza, a humanist sans serif font that adds elegance and, due to its classic style, helps evoke the high quality of the company. Belleza was the perfect choice to create a sense of sophistication and it’s an accessible font. For the secondary font, I chose Garamond Premier Pro, which provided good balance and complemented the primary font well due to its practicality.

Brand Collateral

I designed a variety of brand collateral items for Huila Coffee Roasters, showcasing how the logo and patterns can be used across various elements. I created coffee mugs, keychains, takeaway cups, coffee tumblers, potholders, coasters, and more. Incorporating the different logo variations, brand colors, and typography, I created a cohesive and visually appealing collection of brand collateral items that remained consistent with the brand identity.

Social Media Campaign

I designed a social media marketing campaign for Huila Coffee Roasters across Facebook and Instagram platforms. The campaign is intended to run for two months and aims to announce the launch of their new “Santander” origin coffee. To attract the audience, 15% off was offered on their first purchase of the new launch product. The primary objectives for the campaign were to generate brand awareness, increase traffic to the landing page, and convert users into new leads. To achieve these goals, I created visually appealing ads that showcased the unique characteristics of the “Santander” origin coffee, such as its packaging and flavor.

Tatiana Suarez social media posts
Social Media Posts

Landing Page

To complete the social media campaign for Huila Coffee Roasters, I designed a landing page to serve as the destination for users who clicked on social ads across Facebook and Instagram. The goal of the landing page was to collect users’ email addresses and provide them with a 15% discount code for their first purchase of the “Santander” origin coffee. To align it with the brand’s personality and values, I made sure the landing page was visually appealing and cohesive. It had a clear and simple call-to-action, making it easy for users to complete the process.

Check out the landing page on Figma.

Tatiana Suarez landing page
Landing Page

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