Rhiannon Parker

Communication Design Diploma

I have a passion for graphic and web design. It is where my creativity thrives, and I get to put my problem-solving skills to use. I’m excited to see how my skills in design, Illustrator, Photoshop, branding, and UX/UI design, can be used and evolve further. Every project is an opportunity to have fun and learn and I’m eager to continue to explore the endless possibilities in the world of design.

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Capstone project

Cafe Chronicles

Rhiannon Parker project image

Cafe Chronicles is a comic book and manga-themed coffee shop located in British Columbia, Canada, with a mission to provide a cozy haven for nerds and geeks alike. It offers a space where patrons can indulge in their love for comic books and manga while enjoying their favourite brew.

This project was centred on creating a strong visual identity that promotes a welcoming atmosphere. It includes developing a comprehensive style guide that outlines the brand’s typography choices, logo suites, colour palette, and other design collaterals. Additionally, it involves a developed social media campaign and a user-friendly landing page that is aimed at attracting and fostering a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

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Rhiannon Parker moodboard

During the ideation phase of Cafe Chronicles’ branding, I used user personas, competitor analysis, and a mission statement as guides to create a mood board that expressed the mood, tone, and imagery of the brand. Drawing inspiration from comic books and pop art aesthetics, the mood board became a visual playground for developing the brand’s identity.


Rhiannon Parker logo suite
Logo Suite

For the logo design, I drew inspiration from classic comic book onomatopoeia bubbles, aiming for a playful and recognizable design. The logo suite comprised a primary logo with a horizontally oriented version for constrained spaces, a plain text logo, and an icon, ensuring versatility across various applications.

Colour Palette and Typography

In selecting the colour palette, I revisited vintage comic books and adapted colours for accessibility and contrast. The typography choices evoke a comic book feel while maintaining readability. BadaBoom Pro BB served as the headline font, exuding a playful vibe, while Josefin Sans provided clean and legible body text with a touch of character.

Collateral Design

To further enhance Cafe Chronicles’ brand presence, I designed additional collateral including a pattern and a loyalty card. The pattern, inspired by comic book motifs and featuring the brand colours, can be applied across various touchpoints. Additionally, I created a loyalty card and mock-ups of other possible applications of the logo suite to showcase how the logo can be used.

Social Media Campaign

Rhiannon Parker instagram post
Social Media Posts

As part of this project, I created a social media campaign revolving around a Marvel vs DC-themed drink contest, spanning two weeks on Instagram and Facebook. I selected Facebook and Instagram as our primary digital channels due to their popularity among our target audience of Generation Z and millennials. I opted to forego TikTok due to time constraints and my unfamiliarity with making short-form video content. The content strategy centred around a Marvel vs DC theme with the #SuperheroShowOff hashtag, complemented by user-generated content and featured posts promoting a limited-time theme drink based on poll results. The primary call was for users to participate in a poll featuring Avengers and Justice League-themed drinks. Overall, this campaign aimed to engage the community and generate excitement about what the cafe offers.

Landing Page

Rhiannon Parker landing page
Landing Page

The landing page I designed is where users participate in the poll featured in the social media campaign. Through compelling visuals and clear calls to action, visitors were encouraged to cast their votes and play a role in shaping Cafe Chronicles’ menu offerings.

Check out the XD Prototype.

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