Patrick Kim

Communication Design Diploma

Canada helped me develop myself in many aspects including English, interaction skills, as well as the foundation of brand design and video editing during my studies at North Island College. I like working with Adobe, but I also have a good foundation for creating a website using WordPress, HTML, and CSS.

To elevate my creativity, ideas, and artistic side to a maximum, I spend a lot of my free time with my family and friends, and search for inspirations from the Internet or while I am outside checking out the surroundings. My ultimate goal is to become a versatile designer that contributes to making the world a better place whether that is from my artwork or through my behavior.

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Capstone project

Il Napoletano

Il Napoletano is a fictitious Italian restaurant/bar in the heart of Vancouver managed by immigrant cooks from Italy. “The restaurant provides authentic Naples cuisine with a wide range of options including vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, and more.” This brand design is approached by bringing clean, modern, and minimal aesthetics with muted colours to evoke a welcoming and friendly place for dining.


There are 6 variations of logo for this brand: vertical, horizontal, white, black, icon, and white icon. The logo is originated from Il Napoletano’s initials “I” and “N” overlapping inside the Napoletano’s “O.” Each logo variation will be applied as  applicable depending on the use.

Brand Colours

I used five colours as listed on the image: Khaki, Feldgrau, Garnet, Jet, and Snow. The colours are muted rather than vibrant due to the direction of this brand. The brand’s goal is to have a matured palette, yet maintain an Italian feel since this brand has a classy, modern, and minimalist personality.

Mood Board

I created a moodboard to visualize the brand and provide brand inspiration. I gathered inspiration for colours, typography, and imagery.

Brand Collateral

I created brand collaterals including business cards, stickers, a window sign, and a menu canvas. Each of these display how the logos will be applied on textures, as well as how the brand identity will be displayed in real life assets.

Desktop + Landing Page

Check out the XD prototype.

I created the desktop and landing page mockup of the digital campaign to preview how the brand’s website will look like on the actual web. The image on the top is a simple regular desktop landing page when there is no ongoing event. And the image on the bottom shows the landing page with an ongoing event.

Digital Ads

I designed a campaign that gives 71% discount for 7 days on Canada Day week (06/24 – 07/01) derived from 7 and 1 of the Canada Day’s date, 07/01. This campaign includes launches on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok with 8 different posts about Canada Day discounts.

Style Guide

Check out the style guide on ISSUU.

To help maintain brand consistency and ensure the brand assets are used properly, I created a style guide for Il Napoletano brand. It provides a guide for all of the assets and how to properly use them.

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