Margot Wyllie

Communication Design Diploma

I am a web and brand designer with skills in video and photography. I enjoy helping small businesses, artists and purpose-driven organizations show their work, share their message and create a strong brand and following.  By creating beautiful brand assets, a stellar website, and personalized photo and video marketing visuals, I help brands tell their story, reach their goals and inspire others.

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Capstone project

The Cosy Wood Co

The Cosy Wood Co is a local carpentry business in Revelstoke BC, that recycles Okanagan wine barrels and repurposes the wood into beautiful, handmade and finely crafted charcuterie boards. This project establishes a brand strategy and creates branding and marketing assets for the Cosy Wood Co. Though market research and a competitor analysis, an ideal client is defined. The branding assets created include brand guidelines, a full logo suite, a business card, packaging tags, and a logo sign.

Marketing assets include the brand style guide, social media profile assets, a video ad and social media carousel ads. The video and social media ad campaign lead the user to a digital landing page for the product Earth Day sale.

Mood Board

Informed by the user persona, competitor research and user journey map, I made the mood board for The Cosy Wood Co.  The images I used in the mood board attempted to capture the feelings of coziness, coming together, fine craftsmanship, sustainability, the outdoors and good food and wine.  I wanted The Cosy Wood Co to emulate a sense  of high-quality and prestige, paired with warmth, nature and relaxation. 

The colour palette was chosen to balance warmth, quality and nature, and to appeal to a more refined and mature audience. 

Logo Design

I aimed to have the logo feel welcoming, balanced and unique. I began the logo design process withsketches, exploring the different ideas and possibilities of how to create the desired feelings, coupled with target market appeal within the logo. I decided to use  the shape of the charcuterie boards in the logo, with  soft rounded edges where the lettering sits on the board, to create a cosy feeling.  Feedback was given from the client that people often missed the sustainability aspect that the boards were made from recycled wine barrels, which inspired the idea to incorporate the wine barrel into the logo as well.

In addition to the primary logo, I also made a stacked logo to be used in square instances, and rectangular version without the winebarrel, suited to smaller size display.

The main logo typography was chosen to feel cosy and welcoming, while the secondary font is clean and refined, bringing together the two sides of the brand values.

Style Guide

The style guide was made to bring together the colour palette, logo variations, typography and brand assets, to help guide the business on how to use the brand, and to showcase the brand strategy. 

Check out the style guide on ISSUU.

Social Media Campaign

I created a social media campaign to promote an upcoming Earth Day Sale, which offers a 10% discount off all products, and a 10% donation to Earth Day’s Canopy Project to plant trees.  The aim of this campaign is to connect to the target market’s value of sustainability and environmental consciousness.  The campaign assets included 5 social media image carousels to be released over a two week period which promote the sale.  A video was made to promote the products, educate potential customers on the sustainability and fine craftsmanship of the products, and to inform customers of the sale. 

Check out the promotional video on YouTube.

Landing Page

Next, I built a landing page in Adobe XD for customers who have clicked on the video or social media ad campaign. It is simple, clear and concise. The products are showcased, the sale discount is reiterated, there is a call to action to ‘buy now’, a short product description, the product video and a customer review to provide social proof. The landing page was mocked up for desktop and mobile.

Check out the XD prototype.

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