Katia Romero

Communication Design Diploma

I am interested in web and graphic design, but I tend to lean more towards topics surrounding the latter. Some of the skills I possess are related to photography, illustration and branding. I also have some knowledge in the area of video and audio editing as well as social media content creation. I believe being a creative professional is one of the most beautiful and inspiring things in my life. I think design should be human and oriented toward problem-solving. Design isn’t just about looking good, it should be useful.

Capstone project

Mellow Spa

Katia Romero's project

Mellow Spa is a brand new pet grooming company based in Comox, BC. They specialize in dog grooming and providing pet supplies. Their mission is to spread the fashionable and very popular k-style that has been taking over Vancouver’s dog community for years now.

In order to help them make an impact during their grand opening, this project aims to establish their brand identity and provide them with their first brand collaterals. Along with their identity, they also receive 2 possible social media campaigns across different platforms and a landing page that goes along with this event.


Katia Romero's moodboard

I began the design process for this project with a moodboard. This allowed me to gather inspiration from images that would guide me throughout the entire project. Since the pet grooming style that the brand tries to promote is very fluffy and poofy in nature, I tried connecting this concept with images that made me think of these words to try and find ideas for the next step, logo creation.

Primary Logo

During the sketching process, I aimed to align with the adjectives the company used to describe their brand. These adjectives were clean, modern, fuzzy, friendly, and warm. The main concept behind their brand identity would end up being fluffiness, which is why I decided to focus on clouds, marshmallows, and soap suds.

After carefully considering every single option and the thoughts and feelings each one provoked, I decided to stick to the minimalistic approach of a friendly puppy face in the center of a soapy bubble surrounded by the company’s name in a cute and soft font.

Logo Variations

I created a few different versions of the company’s logo so they have different options to choose from in the future when they create new designs. I included 2 horizontal versions, one with just text and a bubble and the other with the puppy’s face as an icon, and one vertical version. I also added a second logo suite in a secondary color palette for variety.

Lastly, I created a pattern with the puppy face icon and a puppy paw so it can be used as a background for several brand collaterals.

Katia Romero's logo variations

Colours and Typography

The colours I chose for this project are soft and are used as two monochromatic palettes. The blue tones symbolize serenity as well as water and soap while the green tones symbolize freshness and tranquility.

The primary font is “Ohno Softie Variable”, which is a sans-serif font that is very bubbly and bouncy. The secondary fonts are “Montserrat”, which is used in places where there is more text for consumers to read, and “210 연필스케치 regular”, which is used only in the drawn social media campaign to match the hand-drawn theme of the graphics. All of this aligns with the company’s desire to be an approachable and friendly brand for their clients.

Brand Collateral

Katia Romero's business cards

I created three different brand collateral designs for Mellow Spa to use in their products. I did this in order to showcase the different uses for the logos and patterns I designed for them. For that purpose, I included a business card that shows the use of the vertical logo and patterned background as well as the secondary font, a packaging design for the shampoo bottle they would feature later in their social media campaign, and the widely known handkerchief or bandanna that puppies wear when they are fresh out of a pet grooming session.

Social Media Campaign

Katia Romero's instagram post

For the social media campaign, I created a giveaway event across 3 different platforms for the company’s grand opening. In this giveaway, the audience was encouraged to engage with the company’s landing page and to book a pet grooming session with them in order to receive a free shampoo bottle for their pets.

Landing Page

Katia Romero's landing page
Katia Romero's coupon

The purpose of this landing page was to promote the company’s services and to get people to convert into new clients for them. In order to do this, I kept the design very simple and straightforward. I announced the grand opening event and after talking about the services and ways to book these services, I added a reminder of the giveaway that was ongoing at that time.

Check out the landing page.

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