Joy Barua

Digital Design + Development Post-gradate Diploma

I am a learner with a passion for adapting to new technologies. At the age of 12, I was first introduced to the computer, and from that day onwards, technology, especially computer technology, has attracted me. My greatest strength is that I am organized, self-motivated, and used to working with tight deadlines. My skills lie in web development languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Android app development. I have experience developing projects using React.js, Node.js, C#, JAVA, Kotlin and Python. My favourite developing tools are Visual Studio Code, NetBeans and Android Studio. In addition, I am skilled in graphic design and am confident tackling any project using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD and Indesign.

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Capstone project


Joy Barua's project

The purpose of creating the MovieDataBase web app is to provide movie lovers with information on the latest movies and web series, their cast and crews, IMDB ratings, and trailers. This web app will help users get ideas about upcoming films and web series to decide which movie to watch. Users can search for movies and web series by entering the film’s name or series. Users can also browse movies based on different genres.

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Technology Stack

I chose React.js as the programming language for the project. I applied React frameworks and tools like Create React App and Material UI to make my site attractive and functional. Firebase is integrated into the project for authentication. I combined an API service from a famous movie database site ( to my web app.

Joy Barua's tech stack

Planning and Design

I started by researching the user’s needs, and my target audience was movie lovers. I designed the mood board of my project by selecting colours, patterns and typefaces. I created a sitemap to have a clear idea about the content hierarchy of my project. I designed the high-fidelity wireframes of my project.

Joy Barua's wireframe


In the beginning, I installed Create React App to create my site’s skeleton structure. I added Material UI component to develop my UI elements. I started developing my web app step by step. The crucial point was to fetch data using the API service and represent the data efficiently on my application to my users dynamically. Another challenge was integrating Firebase authentication service for my site’s login and registration features.

Joy Barua's app


After finishing the development, I completed performance testing to ensure the quality of my web app.

Joy Barua's testing

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