Joslin Sanger

Communication Design Diploma

I am a proud Indigenous woman, originally from northern Saskatchewan. I graduated with a  Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan and continued with my education by taking Communications Design from North Island College. My past roles have been in Corporate Social Responsibility, Communications and Marketing positions. My favourite hobby is music. Before starting college, I worked as a DJ playing various events, parties and in the bars/clubs. I am passionate about traveling, and I also enjoy cooking, trying new foods, and learning about other cultures. As an Indigenous person, I am interested in advocating for Indigenous rights and hope that Canada works towards a path of reconciliation and decolonization. I love to work with Indigenous communities, as design clients or with community engagement, and would love to continue to gain cultural experiences by traveling and exploring the world.  

Capstone project

DJ Lumi G

The Project I chose was to create branding for a fictional DJ (DJ Lumi G). I wanted to make vibrant branding that included a website, logos, social media launch and posts, a press kit, and business cards. The primary task of this project was the creation of a website for the client.  I felt that this was to be the most important aspect, as DJs usually have people reach out to gain information as to the DJ’s services on a website so that they would then contact the DJ for a price quote and book services. The website would also be a vehicle to steer people to events, write reviews, and interact with the social media sites of DJ Lumi G.

Joslin Sanger Main picture

The overall purpose of this project was to help the DJ spread brand awareness, increase DJ bookings and create a loyal customer following so that DJ Lumi G would be in demand and considered one of the top DJs in the city. The secondary task was the creation of the branding material to supplement the branding created through the site. I wanted all parts of branding to be cohesive and fit the mood that was chosen, which was fun, energetic, with a party atmosphere.  Together, the website and branding would form the DJ identity that would be easily recognizable.


To begin the process of this project, I had to come up with a fictional DJ that would need to have better branding and a website that would help the DJ promote themselves, gain customers and create overall brand awareness to assist with launching them to an even greater DJ status now that clubs and events are opening. To do this, I first researched by looking at several DJ websites, both good and those needing adjustments. I chose a name, and from there began the overall process of creating the brand through the website, social media, and other branding material. I did this step to create the persona of the DJ so that all branding would fit together to match the personality of the DJ. I also looked at other websites to see what types of DJ websites were out there so that I could make sure the one created had the elements needed for the DJ to be successful.

To organize the website, I created a moodboard to develop the overall tone of the site. I used vibrant colours that represent the nightlife. The mood is meant to create a fun, creative, party atmosphere. I used a mix of dark blue with brighter neon colours to give a neon sign look.


I chose fonts and created a style guide using the moodboard and the overall tone that had been agreed upon. The choice of fonts was made to compliment the overall mood and the demographic of the DJ’s clients. I wanted it to be fun, energetic, creative, and match well with the brand.

Next step in my process was to create a logo. The logo I ended up with as my primary logo was a play on the words “luminate” and intended to “glow” in the night sky. It is also representative of the nightlife when DJs typically play events. The secondary logos were meant to be used on either light or dark background but not stand out as much as the primary one. 

Primary logo

After reworking the logos, I made a user personna so that I could focus my efforts on branding to the users most likely to use the website, follow on social media, share content, make reviews, attend events, and book DJ Lumi G for future events. In general, efforts were placed on city dwellers that typically attend at least 2 events in clubs per month, are social media followers, and may be planning a private event or wedding in the future. The user persona created was Kimi, an event manager that goes to clubs frequently, enjoys meeting people and having fun and is an active social media user.  She would be a likely person to use the website, follow, share, and comment on social media, and book events with the DJ either for her or for her work.

I created a prototype of the DJ Lumi G website and had the following components: about me, contact, upcoming events, and home page. Within this website are pictures, the ability to see calendar events, and links to social media.

I created a press kit to assist with branding efforts as DJ Lumi G often plays for events in the city and the Press Kit will help her gain public exposure to upcoming events and help her become more known to unfamiliar people who may become future clients.

Press kit

For the social media launch, I used the theme of coming back to the club after much of the restrictions have now lifted. I wanted the tone to be one of energy and fun so that people would feel unafraid to begin to take part in the DJ event scene once again. I chose Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as the social media platforms to begin this launch.

I worked on branding, including business cards and swag. DJs often will give out cards at events and people will then have the link to the website. Cards can also be given at trade shows, such as those for weddings or given to club management for future bookings. The swag included hoodies with logos on them and a snap back.

Joslin Sanger business card mock-up
Dj Lumi business cards and merch

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