Helena Beamish

Communication Design Diploma

Art and design allows me to encapsulate moods and experiences into a form or act, creating a tangible product, allowing voices to be heard and recognized through my work as creatively and candidly as possible. Practicing a mindful and intuitive approach in fine art, illustration and design allows me to connect to and bring my clients intentions to life. By immersing myself into nature, experiences and by connecting with the wonderful people and animals around me, I can draw out inspiration and discover my next muse.

I would describe myself as an enthusiastic graphic designer that enjoys incorporating design, fine art, illustration as well as branding and using Adobe CC programs into my work.

I enjoy using bold colors or statements as well as working with Procreate, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator as they bridge the gap between digital and physical mediums, allowing creativity and exploration to flow.

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Capstone project

Seasons of Emotion

The purpose of this project is to show awareness and understanding of emotions and the correlation with the four seasons through a series of illustrations. I decided on this project because I wanted to create an impact and make something from the heart that produces a visual of the feelings to the viewer. I wanted to test myself and learn from the experience of detailed planning and brainstorming with illustration in order to make the final work more refined. These will be completed to be sold as prints sold either individually or as a series together.

I created moodboards that represent the tone I was going for in each illustration, as well as a rough colour palette I was planning to follow. I did some brainstorming sessions on words and feelings that were related to, and spoke to the corresponding season.

I created sketches and did a lot of playing around with what elements worked together and what didn’t. Lots of trial and error!

After my sketches I started to add in colour and layer upon layer in Procreate I built up my portraits. Once my portraits were how I liked them, I added the background and supporting elements to portray the intended mood.

Based on critiques, I edited, tweaked, corrected, scrapped and restarted multiple times to get the final result. Once I completed each illustration I created mockups.

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