Aran Arora

Digital Design + Development Post-graduate Diploma

Since childhood, computers have fascinated me, fueling a passion for design and development. Now, I’m bringing that passion to life. I craft dynamic and user-centric websites and applications. I am proficient in various programming languages and platforms, including HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP, Java, and more. I ensure seamless integration and optimal user experience, from front-end design to back-end functionality. My class projects showcase my ability to create intuitive and responsive sites, driven by a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and continuously enhancing my development skills.

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Capstone project

Valley Life

Aran Arora laptop mockup

Valley Life is a vital digital platform serving newcomers and international students settling in the Comox Valley area of British Columbia. With a holistic approach, it offers a comprehensive array of resources, guidance, and connections tailored to facilitate seamless integration into the local community. From detailed travel guides and assistance in finding accommodation to support international students and comprehensive information on healthcare services, wellness activities, and local stores, Valley Life addresses the challenges newcomers face in navigating unfamiliar terrain and cultural nuances.

By centralizing essential information and resources, Valley Life empowers newcomers with the knowledge and support to navigate their new environment confidently. The platform bridges the gap between newcomers and the local community, fosters connections, and promotes understanding. Through its user-friendly interface and accessible content, Valley Life strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where newcomers feel supported and empowered to thrive in their new surroundings.

Define Goals and Objectives

To address the challenges faced by newcomers to the Comox Valley, including navigating through the settlement process, understanding the local community, and accessing essential services, my objective was to:

•   Provide comprehensive guidance: I developed a centralized platform offering tailored information and resources to assist newcomers in navigating the Comox Valley effectively.

•   Foster confidence and connection: I created an environment that fostered confidence among newcomers and facilitated cultural integration by addressing their specific needs.

•   Enhance accessibility: I ensured that essential services and resources were easily accessible to newcomers, reducing barriers to integration and fostering a sense of belonging in the community.

User Personas

Aisha Malik and Maria Rodriguez, two distinct personas, illustrate the diverse needs of newcomers to the Comox Valley. Aisha, an international student, benefits from Valley Life’s guidance in seamlessly transitioning into Canadian academic and social life. Similarly, Maria, a single mother and healthcare professional, relies on Valley Life to settle into her new community while juggling work and family responsibilities.

Tech Stack

The development of Valley Life relied on the WordPress platform, with the WordPress Block Theme plugin enabling custom block-based layouts. Development and customization occurred using VS Code, with version control managed through GitHub.

Aran Arora tech stack
Tech Stack


In the initial phases of the Valley Life project, my primary aim was crystal clear: to develop a comprehensive platform catering to the unique needs of newcomers and international students in the Comox Valley. Armed with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress expertise, I crafted the entire project from scratch. Research emerged as a cornerstone during this phase, guiding strategic decisions and ensuring alignment with the specific requirements and challenges faced by the target audience.


I developed a mood board to set the project’s tone, gathering inspiration from the local environment, culture, and community. This step was essential as it infused authenticity into the project’s visual identity. It was an enjoyable process, envisioning how the platform would reflect the unique essence of the Comox Valley. By blending elements inspired by the region’s landscapes and traditions, I ensured that Valley Life resonated harmoniously with its surroundings, creating a captivating user experience.

Aran Arora moodboard


I intricately merged the letters ‘V’ and ‘L’ for the logo to visually convey unity. Utilizing Adobe Illustrator, I carefully intertwined the letters, blending modern and traditional elements seamlessly. To heighten authenticity, I incorporated a subtle map design at the bottom, symbolizing a profound connection to the local environment and community. This process guarantees that the logo represents Valley Life’s ethos and principles.

Aran Arora logo


With attention to detail, I developed a comprehensive sitemap for the Valley Life website. This blueprint outlined the hierarchical structure of pages and their interconnections, aiming to streamline navigation and enhance user experience. From the homepage to subpages covering education, housing, healthcare, and community events, every aspect was strategically organized to ensure users could easily find the information they needed.

Aran Arora sitemap


In the next phase, I focused on crafting wireframes specifically tailored for the Valley Life website. These wireframes were designed to optimize the user experience on desktop platforms, ensuring that essential elements such as headings, navigation bars, body content, and footers were strategically placed for easy accessibility. By developing these wireframes, I aimed to create a cohesive and intuitive layout that aligned with Valley Life’s mission to provide valuable resources for newcomers in the Comox Valley.

Testing and Refinement

I ensured the platform’s functionality, usability, and responsiveness across devices. User feedback drove iterative improvements, resulting in optimizations like image resizing and font preloading to enhance loading times and user experience. My attention to detail and extensive design and coding efforts ensured that the platform met industry standards and exceeded user expectations.

Deployment and Launch

After meticulous testing and refinement, I successfully deployed the Valley Life platform using AWS through cPanel. This deployment culminated in rigorous research, strategic planning, and dedicated development efforts. Witnessing the platform go live was immensely gratifying, knowing it would now serve as a centralized hub for newcomers in the Comox Valley, offering them essential guidance and resources for seamless integration into the community.

Aran Arora project image

This journey challenged me to push the boundaries of my technical expertise while deepening my understanding of community engagement and support platforms. Working on Valley Life expanded my perspective on the importance of technology in fostering inclusivity and connectivity within diverse communities, leaving an indelible mark on my professional growth.

Aran Arora project image

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