Suvidha Khanna Chanana

Communication Design Diploma

My name is Suvidha Khanna Chanana. I am from Shimla, India and I am in the Communication Design program. Before North Island College, I was working as a trainee at an ad agency and studied my Graduation Degree in Applied Arts. In my program, I enjoyed the whole process of learning, making friends and spending most of my time in Mac Lab (it became my first home). The faculty has been very supportive and soon, we all together – the students and profs – were like a gang. I very much have embraced and learned more and developed as a designer in this course of time. The biggest thing I have learned from the program is design skills, understanding of type, use of the Adobe Suite, printing techniques and a better understanding of camera and photography. After graduation I plan to work as a designer and impact society with my designs and ideas.

My favourite courses were Typography, Graphic Design, Photography, Video & Sound and Printmaking. A lot of credit goes to the professors teaching these courses, as they made me fall in love with them along with great learning. Typography meant nothing but the alphabet to me before this course and now it’s one of the assets I have added to my little bag of knowledge. Designing was my passion, but now I feel more confident and polished. Photography, Video, Sound (foley), and Printmaking were new to me and now I can say I am getting better at them and would love to explore them more in-depth.
I am an ambitious designer who wants to impact society with my design ideas. The course introduced me to the exquisite art of typography and soon enough it became a part of my design philosophy. I had some exposure to the advertising world and there I saw the power design had at influencing and creating an impact on society and people. This is my dream and the very part of my being now. I wish to design, to bring a difference.

Suvidha Khanna Chanana's project

Hot Chocolates - REBRAND

The project I am displaying in the showcase is Hot Chocolates. Hot Chocolates is an Island based artisan chocolate brand. Their current branding does not invite people of all ages in. To make the brand appeal to a larger target audience, Hot Chocolates needed a brand makeover. Along with the refurbishing their logo, we would also create new and more innovative packaging for their truffles. These packages will not only make them stand apart from their competitors but also encourage more interactivity with the brand.

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