Sara Puglas Hinde

Communication Design Diploma

I’m a creative visual problem solver who accepts digital design challenges and solves them with the skills I’ve gained from my Communications Design Degree. I have a background in Fashion Merchandising and Photography, and I like to use the knowledge I have gained from those industries in my design and work.

As a design partner, my goal is to work with my client to bring their vision to life.

Sara Puglas Hinde's project


For my 2021 Capstone project, I chose to refresh so the company can accelerate growth and compete with larger, more established competitors. Growing up in Canada, I had never heard of FLARE magazine and Canada only had two fashion magazines. In 2016, FLARE terminated its print edition and moved to publish online only.
I chose this brand because of my love for fashion and anything fashion-related. I have a background in Fashion Merchandising, and together with my Graphic Design skills, I believed that I could create a site that was eye-catching and modern.

I wanted to refresh FLARE in a way that maintained a visual connection to its original brand identity but with a personal makeover: up-to-date, vibrant, and designed for today’s audiences.

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