Prabhjot Prabhjot

Digital Design + Development Advanced Diploma (Development Stream)

Painting and drawing are two of my favourite hobbies and have led me toward studying web design and an interest in WordPress in particular. I began my career in web application development at CodeCore College, where I studied coding and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and Ruby on Rails. I’ve since moved to North Island College, where I’m studying web design.

I want to create and develop websites, as well as learn more skills and techniques to apply to my work in my program so that I can be a strong web designer.

Prabhjot Prabhjot's project

Happy Paws

This project is a web-based adoption platform for all the abandoned animals in a city that are waiting to be rescued. Users and administrators can register on the website to gain access to a list of animals waiting to be adopted, as well as information about each pet, such as its (estimated) age, gender, and description.

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