Nathaniel Tubb

Advanced Communication and Interactive Design – Interactive Media Diploma.

Nathaniel was home-schooled from kindergarten through to grade 12. He then proceeded to graduate from NIC in 2013, with the Advanced Communication Design Diploma. During, and even after his time in the NIC program, Nathaniel provided tutoring to other college students of all ages and skill levels, in programming, design, photography, and general computing assistance.

Nathaniel has worked locally as a freelance graphic designer, developer, and photographer, before being hired at Medium Rare Interactive Inc. After working as a contractor, followed by a position as junior web designer and developer, Nathaniel is now a full-time developer at Medium Rare Interactive Inc.

Currently, Nathaniel works primarily on custom WordPress and PHP development for a variety of clientele and scenarios, with a bit of Ruby and Linux web-server management thrown in the mix, as well. In the future, Nathaniel aims to continue improving and broadening his skills in the computer science field; he looks forward to where that may lead, in the years to come.


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