Natasha Yarmie

Communication Design Diploma

My name is Natasha, and I am a front-end web developer and designer, equally balanced in both fields. I am very open-minded and seem to see creative possibilities everywhere I go. My main focus upon graduating is to work with large or small companies that use WordPress for website development because it is a very flexible platform and a large part of the current industry standard.

I am interested in growing my knowledge of front-end programming languages, WordPress themes, and front-end web development in general. It is very fulfilling to see the designs go from just being rough sketches to something that has life and colour and makes clients happy!

Natasha Yarmie's project

Custom WordPress Theme

The point of this project was to go beyond the basics of understanding WordPress, a very commonly used content management system, and explore how to use templates or partials to form a page. When I started, I was only familiar with the loose concept of how WordPress works, but I did not know any of the functions and what to type to call each piece to its position on the page. It took many hours of research and testing to be able to understand what was happening at each command and how it came together.

The journey was very informative and I was able to practice problem-solving, researching how to use different libraries and frameworks, such as Isotope JS, and how to read documentation. Without understanding documentation, I would not have been able to complete the project or figure out the answers to many of my loops or command calls. All of these were very important skills that I believe will come in handy during the next part of my journey as a front-end developer.

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