Michelle Beaulé

Digital Design + Development Advanced Diploma (Development Stream)

Hello, my name is Michelle and I am a programmer who revels in solving problems with code. My introduction to programming was when I took an online Java course in grade 12. I loved it, so naturally I looked at colleges and programs where I could learn more. I like solving niche problems by creating programs that don’t exist yet. When I’m not busy programming some new software, debugging said software, or automating a repetitive task, I can be found playing video games, or outside taking photos.

Michelle Beaulé's project


A web-based application built with Python + Django where users can sell tickets to their events.

Eventori is an event ticket web application I created using Django + Python, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, and JavaScript. Users who would like to sell tickets to their event can create an account and add in their event and ticket details. They can then monitor ticket and revenue stats by viewing charts that show the last 14 days, or by downloading a .csv file. Users who would like to buy a ticket can buy one from an event’s page

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