Keisha Moore

Communication Design Diploma

As a creative designer driven by experience, I am eager to continue learning through connection and empathy to develop user-centred design solutions… and to get out of my house!
I have a growing passion for functional print and digital design.

Keisha Moore's project

OGE Visual Identity

The Office of Global Engagement (OGE) at North Island College was hoping to develop a consistent brand identity and style that is unique but still fits within the constraints of NIC’s marketing style. The most challenging aspect of this project was designing a visual identity that was cohesive with the NIC brand.

In the beginning, I felt I was being overly influenced by NIC’s style and had a difficult time developing unique solutions for OGE. Feedback following the presentation of my project to the client confirmed that I had succeeded in accomplishing my goal: “I love that it’s completely unique but still feels ‘NIC!’”

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