Gregory Tinga

Mobile Application Development Certificate

Gregory Tinga began his studies at NIC under the Mobile Application Development Certificate, with the goal of transferring to Vancouver Film School. During his time at NIC, he enjoyed building a foundation for his programming skills, while helping fellow students with their coding, as a peer tutor. Upon completing his certification, he was accepted to VFS; Gregory has since been thoroughly engaged in the creation of fun, and original game development.

Gregory completed his Mobile Application Development Certificate through North Island College, as a stepping stone to further his education at the Vancouver Film School.

Gregory is currently working as an AR game developer for Biba Ventures.

Gregory Tinga's project


A 3D first-person shooter on the PC, Compound features asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay in a chilling, claustrophobic environment. Players take the role of either a squad of soldiers sent in to destroy or the escapee alien, seeking to fight its way to freedom. Both sides must play to their strengths in order to take the advantage of their prey, lest the hunter becomes the hunted.

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