Bradley Larson

Web + Mobile Application Development Diploma

I am a detail-oriented creative developer with several years of experience as both a computer technician and newsprint editor.

After completing my current program at North Island College, I intend to pursue work in design and development while continuing to expand my technical and artistic skills with self-study. I have a working knowledge of Java, PHP, CSS, JS, and iOS amongst other programming languages. I find the WordPress platform to be a very useful and interesting element for creating and maintaining a user experience. I will be working further on the design aspects as well as increasing my experience in application development.

Bradley Larson's project

Heard Amid the Guns

The client, Jacqueline Carmichael, requested a website for her book Heard Amid The Guns: True Stories From The Western Front, 1914-1918. The book covers the first World War and includes content from both of her grandfathers during their time at war in Europe. The book’s publisher, Heritage Press, includes a paragraph about the author, one about the book, and four short review quotes on its website.

While the book is available for sale through Amazon and Indigo and has indirect access from the publisher’s website, there is no advertising being done to promote the book. This dedicated website will raise the book’s profile and increase its presence online.

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