DIGITAL Design + Development Diploma Graduate Ghislaine Aujla

Ghislaine Aujla

My Interests

  • Branding and brand strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Design Systems
  • WordPress Development
  • Illustration
blue product packaging of a Knit Kit
a Village Yarn Shoppe logo stamp
icon design

Village Yarn Shoppe is nestled in the heart of Comox Village and is a favourite store of mine. The region in which the shop is located and the yarn were the primary sources of inspiration. The rebrand was created to add more flexibility to their visual identity and includes a primary logo, secondary logos, packaging design, collateral such as sandwich boards and a website. A style guide was created to ensure that Village Yarn Shoppe’s brand identity remains consistent and cohesive in both print and on the web.

Adobe Illustrator was the tool of choice for creating the logos and packaging design, the photography was edited in Lightroom, and WordPress along with Elementor and WooCommerce were used to build and design the website.

alternative logo for Village Yarn
green, white and gold sandwich boards for the Village Yarn Shoppe
the specifications of the Knit Kit product packaging
purple product packaging of a Knit Kit

A Little About Ghislaine

Hello! My name is Ghislaine Aujla and I am a designer and visual storyteller. Everyone and every brand has a story just waiting to be visually narrated; I do so with research, the addition of my most trusted tools-a drawing pad, pencils and industry-standard software, and by creating connections with people. When not solving creative problems, I can be found outdoors foraging for wild edibles and inspiration. I am an avid folk musician and enjoy hosting impromptu social get-togethers!

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