2020 Visionaries

New Era, New Design, New Beginnings

Graduates of the DIGITAL Design + Development Programs at NIC

This year we’ve had to do things differently due to the coronavirus. Instead of a showcase where we’d get to meet face-to-face, this year we’ve brought the show directly to you! We’ve spent the last two years learning and practising, honing in on our creative skills and becoming familiar with industry standard software such as the Adobe Suite and Visual Studio Code.

We’ve had the opportunity to build websites, mobile apps, design systems, magazine layouts and so much more! Curious to see some of the material we’ve learned in our DIGITAL Design + Development programs at North Island College? Check out our informational videos below!

These animated videos were created by Natalie Evans and Josh Venne specifically for our social media campaign. The graphics for the Colour Combination and Whitespace videos were done in Adobe Illustrator and then animated in Adobe After Effects. Our stop-motion video was shot using Dragonframe and finalized in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Understanding White Space

In this short animated video, we explore the importance of whitespace when it comes to designing.

Understanding Colour

Curious to see what we’ve been learning? In this short animated video, we explain different colour combinations we use to achieve the best designs!

Inside a Designer’s Bag

Curious to know what designers carry in their bags? All your questions will be answered in this short time-lapse video as we uncover what tools go into a designer’s bag.

Looking for a new employee? Contact us directly or speak to our program coordinator.

DIGITAL Program Coordinator

Megan Wilson